• All visitors must register in the main office and wear a Visitor’s Pass while in the building or on school grounds.
  • Never open the door for anyone, familiar or unfamiliar. All visitors must enter and exit through the main doors, clearly identify themselves via the intercom system, and be allowed entry only after office personnel have referenced the Unauthorized Visitors list.
  • When outside with students during recess or in the morning, school personnel must not congregate. Special attention must be given to the various entrance and exit points.
  • Two-way radios must be taken outside. Always radio the office if an unauthorized visitor is on school grounds. When in doubt, contact the office.
  • All doors must remain locked at all times. Do not prop doors open with bricks or other items. School personnel must take a key when they leave the building.
  • Students are only allowed to be dismissed to parents and those individuals listed on Confidential Sheets. Please do not dismiss a child to anyone other than a parent you know. Confidential Sheets are located in a large maroon binder on the shelf in the main office closet. Always refer to these sheets when dismissing a child. If you do not recognize an individual, always ask for identification.