William Winsor School Student Contract Pledge:

“I pledge today to do my best in reading, math, and all the rest. I promise to obey the rules in my class and in this school. I will respect myself and others, too. I will expect the best in all I do. I am here to learn all I can, to try my best, and be all I am.” (Said daily at Morning Meeting.)

I understand that the core values of Winsor School are being respectful, responsible, and ready.

Respectful: I will respect myself and everyone else at Winsor. I can say please and thank you. I will use kind words towards myself and others.

Responsible: I will try my best, each and every day. I will work hard and attempt to complete my school work, even if it is hard. I can ask for help if I need it. I will meet the expectations on the bus, in my class, in the halls, and when having lunch. I will help others if they need it.

Ready: I am ready to learn every day. I am ready to change the routine if I need to. I am ready to listen to my teachers. I am ready to tell the truth. I am ready to challenge myself to be the best student and person I can be.