This Week at Winsor

Keeping Up With Kindergarten

Happy Spring! Trimester 3 is off to a great start! We are so thrilled to be running around outside at recess again, too!

In Math, our classes have taken a break with subtraction and moved onto Place Value. We reviewed why numbers in the teens have a 1 as the first digit- because you can make one group of 10. The number fourteen is one group of ten with four left over. We challenged some of our mathematicians and explored other 2- digit numbers. We have played games, made flip books and used base ten blocks to make different numbers.

In Mrs. Lakeway’s class for Reader’s Workshop, we have started our unit on Fairy tales. We will be focusing on this theme for Reading Week! We kick started this unit by reading Cinderella and discussing the special elements of a fairy tale. Some include the language, good vs. evil, magic and more. We also spent time retelling the stories and answering comprehension questions. During Writer’s Workshop, we have begun writing about our opinions! We played a game to help us learn the difference between fact and opinion and started off by stating our opinion with one reason why. Some students are ready to challenge themselves to add details and more reasons! We have spent time doing some Reading Week writing pieces too!

In Ms. Staruch’s class we are wrapping up our study about different ecosystems. We have been writing a book of our favorite “Wow” facts about the different ecosystems. We also wrote our opinion about what our favorite ecosystem and animal from that ecosystem is and why it is our favorite. We have also been hard at work on some fun ecosystem projects to share with all of you on Teaching and Learning Night!

We hope to see you all next Thursday 4/11 for our Teaching and Learning Night! We still have spots open for mystery readers, so if you would like to read to the class please contact your child’s teacher!

This Week’s and Last Week’s Sight Words: saw, ride, out, pretty, ate, under, well, one, yellow

Learning and Fun in Grade One!

“Good, good, good, good, vibrations!”

The grade one students are thrilled to have started a new science kit. Everyone loves being a scientist. The past week, we discovered what makes sound in a variety of activities such as using a cup, elastic, and tongue depressor (it’s vibrations). It’s amazing how many different sounds were made with those three objects. Many students noticed how the elastic and tongue depressor vibrated when they were tapped. We even made our own and book fiddles. Everyone is excited to see what’s next!!!

In math, we have been measuring using nonstandard units such as cubes, paper clips, and pennies!!! Students are becoming comfortable measuring and using their math vocabulary. We also are learning the concept of time to the hour and half using analog clocks and digital. Practice half hour and time to the hour on both clocks (analog and digital.

Now that assessments and report cards have been completed and issued, we are getting back into the swing with guided reading and intervention groups. Be sure your child continues to read each night to increase their fluency. We have sent a copy of Fiction and Non-fiction questions (R.E.A.D.) to ask your child when reading to strengthen their comprehension. This is an at home activity.

A note regarding an at-home project for Reading Week was sent home. It is a “Book in a Can.” Should you have any questions concerning this project, don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher. This project is due in class Monday, April 8, 2019. These projects will be displayed at “Teaching and Learning Night” for all to peruse. Students will also be presenting these projects in class. We look forward to seeing you at Teaching and Learning night along with some parent-guest readers during Reading Week.

Feels like March definitely went out like a lamb and we are all excited for Spring weather!!! BTW – there are only 41 more days till the end of the school year. Where did the time go??? Time flies when you’re having fun in grade one!!!

What's New in Grade Two

Wait until you see what grade two is "cooking" up for Teaching and Learning Night on Thursday!

Without giving away too many of the surprises that we have created to decorate the hallway....

Here are some of the ELA and Math skills that we addressed during this unit.

*drafting a blue print

*capitalization with proper nouns

*text features: titles, headings, labels...

*how to create an advertisement and logo

*stating an opinion with reasons to support your idea

*accurately reading and writing numbers into the 1,000s

*using logical reasoning and prior knowledge to determine prices

*different writing format: how to create columns on a Google doc

*using dollar signs and decimal points to accurately represent prices

*representing two, three, and four digits numbers in expanded form

We are so excited to show you all of our creative creations on Thursday!


We are incredibly impressed and proud of how hard our third graders worked on their RICAS testing this week. They had two very long days, but showed such a great deal of persistence and maturity! They were handsomely rewarded with lots of extra recess and the arrival of the long-awaited baby chicks. Our newest classroom friends began hatching on Wednesday morning and we are looking forward to having them with us for the next week. It has been wonderful to see the excitement build, along with all of the new learning that the students have done about animal development and anatomy. We will be having a great time observing the chicks’ behavior and how they continue to quickly grow and develop over the next week. We look forward to sharing all of this learning with families at Teaching and Learning Night! It is such an “egg-citing” time to be a third grader!!

Learning More in Grade 4

After a ton of test prep, students worked extremely hard on RICAS Testing this week. We couldn’t be prouder of their efforts. Students were focused and worked for almost all of the testing time. We tried to encourage them with this quote, “ Your best effort is in itself its own reward.”

Our afternoons this week consisted of finishing our animal books and working with our groups to prepare a tri-fold board to display at Teaching and Learning Night. It is next Thursday, April 11th. We hope you can come and check out our display! It will be called, “4th Grade is a ZOO!”

Next week, we are back to our normal routines. We will be doubling up on math to make sure students feel comfortable with many of the concepts they will see on RICAS math in a few weeks. We will also be starting our biography unit. Once our biographies are written, students will prepare for our annual Wax Museum. Details will come out about this event.

Happy Spring! 

The Fabulous Five

In reading workshop, we continue with our Historical Fiction Unit. Our focus this week was to identify key moments in our novels and then put ourselves in the character’s shoes to generate thoughtful reactions. As we read, we recorded the key moment in our notebooks and then explained what our reaction would be if we were walking along side the character. As your child reads at home,ask questions about how the main character is affected by the plot and setting and what reaction they would have if they were the character. Also,the fifth graders were very excited to present their book character poster person projects. We will have our book projects on display for Teaching and Learning Night.We are looking forward to Reading Week next week!!!

In math, we discussed what it means for fractions to be unlike. Through models and examples, the students came to understand that in order to add or subtract unlike fractions, we need to find a common denominator. The students then, using an algorithmic approach, found the sum or difference of two or three unlike fractions by finding the least common denominator. Because this concept involves multiple steps, the students have been introduced to a 4-square strategy where they know the step that needs to take place in each box. This strategy helps them visualize the process of adding, subtracting, and simplifying fractions until they master the concepts.

Our new unit in science has introduced us to living systems. The students learned that virtually everything is a system or part of a system. Some of the most interesting and important systems on Earth are those associated with life. This week, our investigation had us exploring nutrient systems, particularly plant nutrition. The students planted wheat seeds and will observe and compare what happens to wheat seeds that are planted in clear plastic bags to those that are planted in black plastic bags. When we reveal the plants next week, they will be quite surprised by the results.

This week, our fifth graders worked diligently on the RICAS ELA state testing. They truly demonstrated perseverance and a growth mindset. We are so proud of their effort!!!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday, April 11th for Teaching and Learning Night!!

Pennies For Patients Has Returned

Winsor is a proud Pennies for Patients school. Due to the generosity of our students, families, and community, Winsor has raised thousands of dollars over the past several years. Students attended a kick off assembly today. We discussed having the mindset of a champion and the value of doing for others. Please continue this important conversation at home. If we can raise $2000 as a school, students will have the opportunity to duct tape Mr. Ackerman to the wall of the cafeteria. We will dedicate the month of April to Pennies for Patients.

Reading Week & Teaching and Learning Night

Reading Week starts on Monday! We are so excited for what is to come. Please check your email for the full schedule of fun events. Also, please join us for Teaching and Learning Night on Thursday April 11th from 5:30-7:30pm.

Recess Rocks- Seeking Volunteers

Do you have time to volunteer? If so, please consider joining our Recess Rocks team. Starting soon, parents who would like to volunteer will be provided a brief and fun training. Upon completion, we will then ask our volunteers to join recess with our students. If you can attend a training right after April recess, please email Mr. Ackerman directly.

Save the Date!

William Winsor Art Show

Thursday, May 30th 6:00PM - 8:00PM

All Student Artwork will be featured!

For more details and photographs of student work and students at work, please check the OCRS & William Winsor Art Facebook Page or instagram @ArtandDesignwithMissBurrows ! :)