This Week at Winsor

This Week at Winsor:

Growth Mindset

Based on the tremendous success of our Growth Mindset initiative last year, we are continuing to stress the importance of grit and persistence this year. This theme will be embedded within our academic and social fabric. Based upon the groundbreaking work of Carol Dweck, a Growth Mindset emphasizes to students that learning is attainable for all and that achievement is directly tied to the ability to persevere through challenging tasks. Just as we grow stronger through lifting weights or gain stamina via jogging or cycling, our brains grow through use. Students can learn anything through hard work. Obstacles are meant to be overcome through the persistence of students and the support of the school team. Students actualizing the Growth Mindset have higher levels of achievement, self-efficacy, and self- esteem. For those new to the Growth Mindset approach, please take a few minutes to read the link below.

As we regularly hold school assemblies to discuss this, and other themes, the more we can work together to instill a Growth Mindset serves to empower our amazing students.

Responsive Classroom Approach

As we know, the construction and application of knowledge is most resonant within a social context. The more connected we are with one another, the greater our sense of community and empathy. As Rhode Island has recently adopted Social-Emotional Learning Standards, Smithfield Public Schools has utilized the Responsive Classroom Approach within many of our our classes. This past summer, building upon the momentum generated by our initial cohort trained in 2018, many Winsor educators embarked upon a rigorous, four day training. This approach enables our teachers to build and maintain a vibrant, pro-social culture that builds a sense of belonging and community. In addition, the Responsive Classroom approach organically dovetails with introducing academic skills and concepts. Our morning meeting sets the tone for the day, creating an inclusive social fabric within each classroom. To learn more about Responsive Classroom, please join us at our first School Improvement Team meeting, scheduled for Thursday, September 26th at 3:30pm in the Winsor library.

Head Lice

It has come to our attention that a few cases of head lice have been reported concerning Winsor students. Please know that we are working to resolve this and would like to partner with you to proactively combat this issue. Please see the links below from the CDC, as they contain helpful information that benefits all of our students. In addition, there are some proactive steps that can be taken to help curtail the spread of lice:

1. Avoiding hair to hair contact between students.

2. Avoiding the sharing of hats, blankets, and pillows.

3. Avoiding the sharing of combs and brushes.

Open House- Coming Soon!

As we want to welcome back our returning students and families and take the opportunity to open our doors to our new community members, please join us for Open House. We will welcome our school community on Thursday September 19th from 5:30-7:30pm. Please take the opportunity to see the school and meet other community members. We will also have tables in our cafeteria for PTO sign ups and other community organizations. We look forward to seeing you then!

Thank you for being our partners in education. We wish everyone the best for a wonderful weekend.