Winsor Custodial Team

Winsor has an outstanding custodial staff. In honor of National Custodians Day, we want to acknowledge the work that Brett Holden and Paul Rylander do for our students and community. Winsor, despite nearing ninety years of age, looks shiny, clean, and welcoming each day. Our classrooms are clean. In the event of an unexpected spill, a heavy snowfall, or even moving heavy objects- Paul and Brent are there.

Thanks to our PTO, Brent and Paul were presented with keys today, along with a special thank you card. At lunch, each of our students was given the chance to say thank you. Being gracious and thankful are two central aspects of our character education. Part of building and maintaining a welcoming culture is to thank everyone that works towards our betterment. While Paul and Brent are not always seen- those of us who regularly walk the halls know the tremendous value they bring. Thank you gentlemen!