This Week at Winsor

This Week at Winsor

School Improvement Team- We Need You!

Our 2019-2020 School Improvement Plan is in full implementation mode. Our students are already benefiting from our commitment to first rate instruction in an environment committed to student growth. We continue to use our Growth Mindset attitude. Having a growth mindset means we are dedicated to the improvement process and are never satisfied with progress; we believe in our students and always want to push them to new heights. Talents are not fixed- instead, they are developed through persistence, guidance, and hard work. These skills are purposefully developed. Carol Dweck herself elaborates on having a Growth Mindset, linked below. The article has a business lens, but these lessons are universal and relevant for all of our students.

The reason I mention this is that having a Growth Mindset orients our thinking in developing a School Improvement Plan. We need to focus on not only growth in the abstract sense, but also in a purposeful, dedicated manner. We want to maintain a culture that moves our students toward positive outcomes, leaving our students prepared for future endeavors.

Our School Improvement Plan can be found here:

Our next meeting is Wednesday, October 30th at 3:15pm in the Winsor library. Please join us to discuss progress towards meeting our goals. In addition, we will discuss our 2019 RICAS scores at this meeting, connecting the data set with our initiatives and documenting our progress.

Real Kids Wear Pink

In an effort to raise awareness about breast cancer, Winsor students will participate in a campaign to wear pink on Wednesday, October 23rd. Please support this worthy cause by encouraging your child or children to wear pink.

Calling All Veterans

To engage our students in the importance of civics and service, we are asking that all veterans in our community join us on Friday, November 8th at 1:15pm in the cafeteria for a special assembly. The entire school is encouraged to wear red, white, and blue on the 9th to get into the spirit of Veterans Day. Please contact the school directly if you are a veteran and would like to join us. We want to pay homage and respect to those that keep us free and safe.

Strike Out Cancer Whiffleball Tournament

Please support Noah Antunes in his battle with cancer by playing in a whiffleball tournament at Wipple Field- Saturday, November 2nd at 9am. Please see the flyer sent home for additional details.

Thank you for your continued support of our school and community. We look forward to seeing our students again next Monday.