This Week at Winsor

Responsive Classroom

Despite the fact that this week was short, much was still happening at Winsor this week. This past Thursday, our staff had a full day of professional development, increasing our capacity to provide quality educational practices for our students. One area of PD focused upon the Responsive Classroom approach. Rooted in the state's Social-Emotional Learning Standards (SEL), Responsive Classroom creates a vibrant school community for all. I am happy to report that all Winsor educators have been trained in the Responsive Classroom approach. You can learn more about this at the link below:,effective%20management%2C%20and%20developmental%20awareness.

Please inquire with your child and/or child's teacher about Responsive Classroom. We want to build capacity and understanding of this most important framework.

Math Training

As we continuously work with our instructional materials to maximize the learning experience for students, our staff also collaborated regarding our MyMath materials. Throughout the district, as our curriculum and pacing guide shifted last spring, we continue to take steps to evaluate the effectiveness of our programming. On Thursday, teacher teams across our grade levels continued this work with the support of our building principals. Having a purposeful and focused lens drives our work. We continuously strive for the best for our students.

Collins Writing

In addition, our elementary PD day focused on integrating the Collins Writing approach into Science. We had numerous teacher groups converge and collaborate around ways to use Collins authentically within our Science curriculum. This work strengthens our ability to have research based, consistent practices across our curricular areas to increase student learning. Thank you to our teachers for their spirited efforts on these initiatives.

Coming Events

Autumnfest will be returning to Winsor on Wednesday , November 27th. We look forward to a fun day for all of our students.

Our School Improvement Team (SIT) is seeking new members. It is never too late to make a difference. Please reach out to me directly if you have interest. Our work continues for focus upon three main objectives:

1. Universal Adoption of the Responsive Classroom approach.

2. Continued refinement of our Math Pacing Guides and curriculum.

3. Continued use of the Collins Writing Approach.

More about Collins can be found here:

As a district, we look to anchor our SIT Plans to district level initiatives. Thus, our PD days align to the larger curricular goals of the district. Fundamentally, we seek equity of educational experience across the district. Each of us at Winsor uses a Growth Mindset. We seek continuous improvement for the betterment of our students.

The William Winsor PTO took pictures at the Veterans Day Assembly on Friday November 8th. Many veterans were in attendance and students had a chance to show their thanks by performing patriotic songs, giving a certificate of appreciation to each Veteran and creating American flag decorations to fill the cafeteria. We wanted to share some of the pictures with you because almost all of the Veterans that attended are members of our Winsor community.

As the pictures are unable to be linked via this format, please find them attached to this week's LBN. We do, however, have a couple of pictures to share that are able to be attached here. Please see below.

Please thank the following veterans that joined us:

Brian Kennedy

George Hoyt

Steven Marcaccio

Robert Ceprano

Michael Vingi

Michael Clapprood

Jason Boucher

Richard Dunn

Peter Sweet

Dennis Courtemanche

Raymond Booker

Stephen Cicillini

Brendan Carroll

Roupen Bastajian

Alfred Pagel

Americo Colaluca

Fred Stowick

Thank you for being our partners in education. Have a great weekend!