Spelling Bee

After a spirited and fun competition, congratulations to Luca Savastano. After over thirty rounds of exciting action, Luca emerged victorious at the 2020 Winsor Spelling Bee, narrowing besting Ellla Handwerger. Both Ella and Luca will represent Winsor at the district spelling bee. Mia Howard, our third place finisher, will be our alternate. 

We are so proud of all our participants. Each student is a winner for having the courage to participate in front of the entire school. This learning experience will serve all of our participants well. It is not easy to spell in front of over 100 people. Way to go!

Our 2020 participants:

Luca Savastano

Ella Handwerger

Mia Howard

Logan Mendoza

Shayna Londano

Tianna Cost

Levi Foster

Eva Levesque

Thanks to our judges panel and all the families that joined us today.