Name Our School!

Attention Smithfield Community:
Please help us name our new
elementary school!

The Winsor/McCabe Unification Committee has been meeting since January, 2020 to help plan and frame a seamless transition for the merging of these elementary schools. There have been many ideas generated for ways to support this initiative.

One of our important tasks is to now begin the renaming process of these two merging communities as they work towards becoming one. In order to memorialize and integrate some of the attributes and achievements of each school, the decision has been made to carry over the Winsor and McCabe names into areas of the new school, such as the cafetorium, gymnasium, or library. 

We invite our Smithfield community to “weigh-in” on possible names for our new school. From suggestions provided by the Smithfield community, the Winsor/McCabe Unification Committee will narrow down its choices and provide our School Committee with a final slate from which to choose. Please complete the following Google Form to submit your suggestion by September 22nd:

Thank you for being a part of this important and very meaningful process. We embrace this opportunity to celebrate the unique cultures of both Winsor and McCabe as we build upon the foundation of all of the great work that has been accomplished to date, and is yet to come!