This Week at Winsor

Spring Into Health Day- March 7th

We are greatly looking forward to Spring Into Health Day, scheduled for Thursday, March 7th. This exciting event promotes the value of healthy eating and good nutrition, which as we know correlates to increased student achievement. We are fortunate to have a registered dietician coming to Winsor to speak to our student body. Students will learn how to read a food label and how to follow a recipe. In addition, a cooking demonstration will be presented. Throughout the remainder of the day, students will be able to play the Seed Memory Game, test their skills through the "My Plate" game, and rotate through various nutrition stations. We are encouraging students to wear colored shirts to represent fruits and vegetables:

Kindergarten: Blue (Blueberries)

Grade 1: Yellow (Bananas)

Grade 2- Red (Apples or Tomatoes)

Grade 3- Orange (Oranges)

Grade 4: Purple (Grapes or Mixed Color Carrots)

Grade 5: Green (Snap Peas)


Over the past few weeks, requests have been made for our families to log into the SurveyWorks portal and answer some questions regarding the familial experience at Winsor School. This feedback is highly valued. As we insist that our students model a Growth Mindset, continually seeking to improve, we want to hold ourselves to that same standard. One pivotal component of this quality is informed by the feedback of our family and community members. Our educational team strives for our students to have the best possible educational, social, and emotional experience. By taking just a few minutes to complete the survey, you provide us with areas to celebrate and areas to inform growth. Please log in here:

Kindly check your email for the school code. Should you be unable to find it, please contact the school and we will get it for you.

Internet Awareness

We always want to inform our families of student conversations that can impact the culture of a class, grade, or school. Recently, some of our upper grade students reported on a fictional, animated, internet character called "Momo" that has made it's way into the discourse of some students. Clearly, the stories surrounding Momo are disconcerting and can be downright frightening to students. Please know that we are aware of this and that our staff has been provided with information to address potential anxiety or fear that students have. Any student experiencing an adverse reaction will be provided with the opportunity to process their feelings with a mental health provider within the building. I've attached a link for families to read. Perhaps the best way to address this is to have proactive conversations at home and regularly monitor use of technological devices. As always, we are here to work with you. Please know that any knowledge of Momo is, at this point, confined to a few pockets of older students. We are sharing this information proactively in the event that you hear your student discussing this at home.

Common Sense Media suggests the following steps for vigilance:

  • Talk about their safety online
  • Get them to think about the consequences of their behavior online
  • Acknowledge peer pressure that comes via the internet
  • Stay (somewhat) up to date with what is trending
  • Model responsible online habits

More resources can be found here:

Lost and Found

Please be advised that the Lost and Found bin is overflowing. All items that are not claimed by the conclusion of our next PTO meeting will be donated to Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Rhode Island. Please encourage your student(s) to check the bin for lost items.

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